Why Algae?


Nutrition/ Immuno-protection

The value of microalgae in health care and medicine is increasingly prominent. Microalgae polysaccharide can resist radiation and oxidation, improve immunity, promote lymphocyte transformation and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. Protoga develop microalgae modification in synthetic biology, increasing the pharmaceutical value of microalgae.


New Resources / Skin Protection

Microalgae nutrient solution contain skin needed amino acids, algae polysaccharides, astaxanthin, SOD and other active ingredients. The antioxidants can remove the free radicals. The solution has the ability of wrinkle prevention, radiation resistance and anti-aging effect. The development and exploration of microalgae components by Protoga will create a new beauty story.


Multi-functional applications /Natural

Microalgae provide many benefits as animal feed. such as growth improvement, immune enhancement, persistence against diseases, antiviral and antimicrobial activity. Protoga focuses on the multi-functional utility of microalgae in agriculture, reducing production costs and improving agricultural benefits. The outlook on microalgae agriculture is promising and sustainable.


Food Crisis/ Novel Food

In order to alleviate the environmental problems caused by the expansion of food production and cope with the future food crisis, microalgae has become a new direction of global food development. Protoga has the world-leading microalgae synthetic biology technology, making microalgae become the “cell factory” of food production, promoting the rapid development of microalgae economy in the food industry.



Microalgae Genetic Modification Platform

Aiming at the key problems in the synthetic biology and engineering of microalgae, directional evolution and high-throughput screening techniques of engineered algae strains were established according to the structure and functional characteristics of target products. Through effective nutrient regulation and process control, the simultaneous improvement of high density culture and product of engineered microalgae was realized. Aiming at the problems of difficult cell wall breaking and complex active components of engineering microalgae, various separation techniques were used to track and isolate the target compounds.

Modular Flexible Manufacturing Platform

Agricultural microalgae can be industrialized fermentation to achieve quality control of the scale production. On the basis of the technology of high density cultivation of engineered microalgae, Protoga has a good command of different types of photo-bioreactors and accurate  condition regulation for ton-scale fermentation.


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